Bambini Infant Wear offers a wide variety of wholesale onezies. Everything from short, long or sleeveless onezies in white, black & assorted pastels is in our inventory. Onzies are considered to be staples in a baby's wardrobe. We carry multiple colors and designs of these much wanted and necessary items, such as printed short sleeve one piece and such. Onezies or infant body suits are designs to keep your babies warm, comfortable and at the same time have easy access to the bottom for the quick and easy diaper change. This is one of the most frequently used baby, infant items and many families have lots of them as they help young mothers dress and change their babies. Depending on the weather or room conditions you may want to use sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve onezies. When it comes to offering variety of sizes, materials and fashionable designs, our company has to offer all and everything for your baby needs. The most comfortable ones can use various ways to secure onezie tight under your child's bottom. It's very important to use the right material for the often most worn item, or baby bodysuit, that's why it's recommended to choose 100% quality material such as cotton, which is soft to the touch and easily washed, cleaned and dried. Make Bambini your first thought in wholesale baby clothes.